Here's an overview of our accessories:

  • Electric Pedaling Aid
  • Roof
  • Child bench for 3 kids
  • Child seat for kids 15-25 kgs
  • Supports for logo sign
  • Bobike baby seat, kids 9-15 kgs
  • Support for Bobike baby seat
  • Support for vertical storage
  • Lighting
  • Safety belts per set
  • Foot supports (L+R) per set)
  • Collapsible arm rest

Logo Sign Support

Child Seats 15-25 kgs


Baby Seat (Bobike) for Child 9 to 15 kgs.

Collapsible Arm Rest

Wisker Picknick Basket

Lighting for Front

Lighting for Back

Logo Sign Support

Vertical Storage Support

Vertical Storage Support

Child Seat

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Only recently the Quattrocycle hit the bike market. This state-of-the-art 4-person bike has proved a success in the European market and now the United States are following. The Quattrocycle is used by recreation parks, campsites, theme parks, healthcare centres.

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