Also electrically!

Electric Quattrocycle and Quattro Tour

The Quattrocycle with electrical support is totally new to the market. Cycling together is now a piece of cake. With the strong motor and battery of 48V and 10 Amps you are able to enjoy an easy hassle free ride. The electrical pedal assist is also available for the Quattrotour (2 person version).

Speed and Range
The Quattrocycle with electrical support has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.


Torque sensor
When force is applied to the pedals, the torque senor will notice and help you immediately. The motor is energized only when the rider is pedaling.

The motor has a power of 250 to 1000 Watts and is operated by a hand throttle. Different speed levels can be locked for your comfort. As long as you pedal along (for safety reasons).

The battery pack is mounted below the luggage rack. The battery is a lithium-ion battery of 48V with a capacity of 10Ah. The system is supplied with a battery. A second battery is optional for extra long rides.

You can travel about 20 km on one battery charge. This distance is not guaranteed, it depents on the load of the Quattrocycle, the effort of the riders, the tire pressure and road and wind conditions. If the range is insufficient, you can easily add a second battery.

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Only recently the Quattrocycle hit the bike market. This state-of-the-art 4-person bike has proved a success in the European market and now the United States are following. The Quattrocycle is used by recreation parks, campsites, theme parks, healthcare centres.

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